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Belote Andr Free


★★★★★ Belote game for Android !! (Jass/Bulgarian belote variant) ★★★★★ You can play different kinds of BELOTE :
☆ Regular belote☆ Coinched belote☆ Counter☆ Bridged belote☆ Stephanoise Belote
✓ Many rules configurations are available !✓ You can parameter AI players to follow the way you play
In this game, you can play against three AI. You play South.You can resume a party if you must pause it because of a call for example...
You can also play coinche or contree with or without announcements
You can play Coinche with or without All Trumps/No trump

To give any advice on translation : send a mail to arnaud.andrillon+android@gmail.comThanks to Tof, Fabien, Anne, Arsene, Franck, Olivier, Benoït, Romain for the report on AI problems